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How do you want which campaign to display? Pick one randomly, or maybe rotate every 10 seconds? No worries, it's your own private ads network and should follow your rules. You can customize how you want to display your ads, be it size, background color, or percentage of random appearance of a particular ad campaign. We have you all covered!

Native Ad

The native ad allows you to inject ad content into the website directly to share the same style with your website. It looks and feels natural, just like other content on the page, and thus provides a better engagement rate than the traditional iframe space ad.

Privacy Friendly

We built PolisNetwork with the user's privacy in mind. We don't track users across websites and sell their data to third parties as most traditional ad networks do. The data we collect on your behalf is only to provide you with analytical insights.

Performance Insights

We empower you with the ad performance data we collected for you and our powerful yet easy-to-use analytics tools to have insights for optimizing the performance of ads. You can also track the click rate of links in the ads and the conversation rate.

coming soon

Custom Domain

PolisNetwork allows you to serve your ads from your domain name, so it's more unlikely to be blocked by an ad blocker.

coming soon

Ad Injection

To avoid the ad content being blocked by an ad blocker, the ads can be injected by our reverse proxy directly into the HTML of your website before responding to the user.




  • Space Opportunity
  • Basic HTML content
  • Performance Insight

  • 10K Impressions per month
  • 5 Opportunities
  • 5 Campaigns
  • 30 days analytical data retention


  • Space Opportunity
  • Native Opportunity
  • Arbitrary HTML/JavaScript content
  • Performance Insight
  • Removable PolisNetwork label
  • Rotation display (coming soon)

  • 100K Impressions per month
  • 100 Opportunities
  • 100 Campaigns
  • 180 days analytical data retention

$19.99per mo

$14.99per mo



  • Space Opportunity
  • Native Opportunity
  • Arbitrary HTML/JavaScript content
  • Performance insight
  • Removable PolisNetwork label
  • Rotation display (coming soon)
  • Custom domain (coming soon)
  • Content injection proxy (coming soon)
  • Analytical data export (coming soon)
  • API access (coming soon)

  • 1M Impressions per month or more
  • Unlimited Opportunities
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 2 years analytical data retention

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